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My life has become all about Detoxing and Preventing futher Toxic Damage.  How did I come to the realization of our toxic world???  It all started when I was going to our ACTIVATOR Chiropractor in CA.  He taught us about the method of muscle testing also known as Applied Kinesiology.  I was very intrigued by how the body knows what is beneficial and which are harmful. The body will show signs of weakness in the muscles when there is a deficiency or it has something inside that is harmful.  We had moved from California to Colorado.  So I had to find a new ACTIVATOR Chiropractor for myself and my son.  I was trying to help alleviate his ailments which have been since birth.

Nicholas has had difficulties all his life.   It wasn't until I went to this LAZRPULSR Dr. that I made this realization of what really was ailing him.  Standard doctors normally term it : MILD AUTISM, however, I know that Autism is just another PSEUDONYM for TOXIC DAMAGE.  Since the Laser Dr. is a Chiropractor, I  had called their office looking for a Chiropractor who is more available to our schedule.  I was told that he was retiring from his Chiropractic business and that he was concentrating his practices on something different and perhaps more effective (LAZRPULSR).

 You would have thought Nicholas would be healthy with all the Vaccines and such he has had so far.  However, Not the case!!!!  He has suffered all the symptoms of early and consistent Toxic Damage..  He had silent reflux, he had poor eyesight, he had food allergies and bad Gastro Intestinal difficulties. 

 Researching Autism online really was the turning point for me on my realization of how toxic everything around us is..  Vaccines are toxic..!!!  The extra preservative ingredients in vaccines are highly toxic and can/will kill you.  We are BRAINWASHED by the GOVERNMENT, FDA, CDC and BIG PHARMA to believe that we need Vaccines and artificial medicines to stay healthy and alleviate our symptoms...  Not so!!!!  It IS possible to be healthy and stay healthy on natural vitamins and raw organic foods.